Welcome Session                                                                          

July 17, 2018

8:00 - 10:00 am

8:00 am        Welcome

8:05 am        CFF Presentation: Mark Horak, LAES Co-Chair

8:10 am        EMA Update: Mark Fisher, President and CEO, EMA

8:30 am        Research Presentations by:

Lauren Kobel, Head of Home Entertainment & Film, Nielsen Entertainment

Dr. Mathias Giloth, Managing Director, GfK Entertainment

Dan Cryan, Executive Director – Research and Analysis, IHS Markit

Katie Elzy, Executive Director, NPD Video Entertainment

LAES18-Welcome Research

9:20 am         Spotlight Presentation: Tobias Queesser, Co-Founder, Cinelytic

9:30 am         Keynote/Industry Update: Bill Sondheim, President, Cinedigm Entertainment Group

9:45 am          2018 Independent Studio Home Entertainment Awards 

9:55 am          Program Closing 

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