Strategic Plan and Mission

Entertainment Merchants Association Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of the Video Software Dealers Association in July 2013; updated by staff in 2013.

EMA’s mission is to

  • protect the rights of,
  • promote the health and vitality of, and
  • provide a forum for

those engaged in the sale, rental, and/or commercial delivery of video or video game content to consumers through physical media or over-the-top Internet-based delivery.

Goal #1: Increase Revenues

1. Increase Dues Income by 10% in 2013.

     a. Increase the number of EMA member companies.

          i. Identify 10 “lowest hanging fruit” prospects and 10 “most valuable prospects”. Develop a plan for each MVP.

          ii. Add one new major studio and two new independent studios. Add two new game publishers.

          iii. Improve renewal percentage from 67% in 2012 to 80% in 2013. Include marketing material with renewal invoice. Continue “member outreach  

          updates” at least annually. Develop “kit” to send to new and renewing members.

          iv. Step-up sales initiative – evaluate staffing options and opportunities and consider a commission sales relationship.

     b. Implement annual Cost of Living dues increase.

     c. Establish one affiliate relationship with another trade association, welcoming their members into EMA for a single affiliate fee.

     d. Review dues structure and its application within multi-business-unit corporations and propose revisions if considered advantageous to income growth.

2. Increase Net Income from Events by 10% in 2013.

     a. Evaluate, and if viable, launch at least one new event: (i) IPM for video game market, (ii) a sponsored event to release EMA’s annual report in 

     conjunction with GRC and/or VRC meeting, or (iii) at least one “one-off” conference exploiting topical interest – the first being “closed captioning for 

     digital audiovisual content.”

     b. Sell a minimum of $400,000 in LAES sponsorship.

     c. Increase sponsorship revenue from EMA events:

          i. Develop and sell “bundled” sponsorships, including “showcasing” sponsors.

          ii. Include membership in Service & Technology Provider sponsorship packages (instead of offering sponsorship recognition as a benefit of 


          iii. Broaden the prospective field for mining sponsors.

     d. Decrease IPM cost structure; increase sponsor income.

     e. Increase sponsorship income from Salons, and charge non-members to attend.

Goal #2: Capitalize on Emerging Trends

1. Increase Market Representation in Digital Category to 50 Members by End of 2013.

     a. Develop a better understanding of the digital video game marketplace and supply chain. Identify and prioritize prospects. Solicit.

     b. Identify and prioritize prospects in the home video marketplace and supply chain, taking advantage of the expanded definition of EMA member 

     eligibility. Solicit.

     c. Define value for each segment (retailers/distributors, content providers, service and tech providers) and promote.

     d. Limit participation in activities and committees to members.

2. Double Attendance at Digital Media Pipeline by 2014.

     a. Expand the scope of Digital Media Pipeline to include the digital distribution of video games.

     b. Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing and PR strategy, including evaluating purchasing mailing lists that would reach prospective 

     attendees and evaluating paid advertising.

     c. Strengthen the content of the programming, including acquiring a prominent keynote and securing at least one newsworthy feature/announcement. 

     Confirm at least one recognizable “celebrity” participant.

     d. Attract higher level executives from retail companies and content providers. Get early commitments to attend, allowing us to promote their 


3. Evaluate Developing an Ongoing Consumer-Oriented Initiative on Emerging Home Entertainment Technologies by End of 2014.

     a. Evaluate creating a website and a series of web-based videos to educate the consumer on accessing and enjoying digitally delivered video 


          i. Solicit sponsors for appropriate videos.

          ii. Develop downloadable print material based on videos.

          iii. Develop a marketing plan to promote this website utilizing member companies and press relationships.

          iv. Offer “live” presentations via high visibility venues.

     b. Evaluate the opportunity to provide BD player firmware upgrades for multiple manufacturers on a single disc to be distributed through EMA member 


Goal #3: Increase Members’ Perception of Value

1. Develop a New Communications Strategy by 6/1/13.

     a. Adopt a more “punchy” communication style.

     b. Increase EMA prominence in the press and at industry events. Cultivate relationships with Home Media Magazine and other print/email/blog 

     publications. Invite press to attend and encourage them to cover EMA events such as our Salons and IPM.

     c. Define (refine) focus of topics that EMA should be perceived as the industry “spokesperson” or expert, and develop such reputation.

     d. Expand the reach of EMA’s communication, primarily through improving our mailing list.

     e. Re-evaluate our communication vehicles. Research how other Associations communicate with their members, and understand our members’ 


     f. Establish a Communications Committee composed of marketing/PR/communications professionals from our member companies for periodic advice 

     on communication strategy.

     g. Website:

          i. Review contents of website to determine what should be removed and what should be added.

          ii. Review all website pages quarterly.

          iii. Set up feed to automate updates to Facebook.

          iv. Get metrics from 1&1 and review site and page views on a quarterly basis.

          v. Evaluate whether to add “members-only” pages.

2. Develop a “Killer App”/”Sticky” Program for Members by End of 2013.

     a. Develop a Metadata Repository for Digital Home Video Assets.

     b. Develop a Metadata Repository for Digital Video Game Assets.

     c. Explore and evaluate “Killer Apps” offered by other trade associations.

3. Increase Member Utilization of Existing Programs by end of 2013.

     a. Scholarship Program – Increase companies participating from 11 in 2012 to 20 in 2014; Increase applications from 120 in 2012 to 150 in 2014. 

     Position this program so that new donations can be solicited in mid-2014.

          i. Improve marketing including more frequent solicitations and targeting HR departments through primary member contacts.

          ii. Improve means to recognize scholarship recipients.

     b. Annual Report – determine means to understand and measure usage. Use “testimonials” to promote this as a valuable member benefit.

     c. Committees – Maintain near-100% participation in each digital supply chain workgroup by retail member companies, and develop appropriate 

     opportunities for service & technology providers and content providers to participate. Maintain participation in Government Affairs Committee by top 10 

     retailers and develop a mechanism for continuing dialogue by all.

     d. Parental Empowerment – consider collaborating with CARA to develop a Video Retailing Ratings Board as a solution if deemed needed.

     e. Eliminate DVD Certification program and turn PC Game Icon program over to the PC Gaming Alliance.

     f. RPP:

          i. Increase the rate of recipients opening email from up from 215 to 350.

          ii. Increase the number of companies submitting titles from an average of 4.4/month to an average of 6/month.

          iii. Re-promote to members and indie studios. Hold a monthly contest (giving away one of the titles) and set up “auto-tweet” and “auto FB” to 


Goal #4: Provide Greater Strategic Direction

1. Engage EMA Board Effectively

     a. Board of Directors Meetings – One face-to-face meeting annually, in conjunction with LAES. One conference call to review and approve budget in 


     b. Executive Committee – Meet by conference call as needed, but not less frequently than monthly, focusing on a brief topical agenda. Notes from E-

     Comm meetings circulated to all Board members.

     c. Committees – Each Board Member will serve on one Committee or Council. Committee meeting notes will be circulated to all Board members.

     d. Strategic Planning – The Strategic Planning Committee will review the Strategic Plan annually and recommend updates to the Board.

2. Re-energize Game Retailing Council and Video Retailing Council

     a. Redefine the missions for each of these Councils, including the BOD delegation of product-based discussions. Councils will be encouraged to make 

     proposals for Board action.

     b. Recruit participants for Video Retailing Council. Identify “champions” for each Council.

     c. Re-evaluate the meeting model for each Council. Encourage participation in face-to-face meetings by tying into other industry events and in all 

     meetings by establishing predictable and practical meeting schedules. Create face-to-face events that permit networking and interaction among Council 

     members and with content providers. Utilize conference calls to increase ability for members to participate.

     d. Identify collaborative opportunities for each Council.

     e. Meet with studio and publisher executives to enlist their support and participation.

Updated July 2013. 

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