Digital EMA is the Entertainment Merchants Association's community of retailers, distributors, content creators, service & technology companies, and other stakeholders engaged in the commercial digital delivery of video and video game content to consumers through over-the-top Internet-based portals.

Since its establishment in 2008, Digital EMA has worked through its committees and others in the industry to:

  • Publish a glossary of industry terminology and an online repository of research.
  • Develop common Metadata standards related to retail and digital distribution, and avails notification.
  • Develop standard specifications for Mezzanine Files for digital audio-visual distribution.
  • Develop practices for closed-captioning of Internet protocol-delivered video programming.
  • Produce annually the successful Digital Media Pipeline conference, and multiple networking Salons in LA, NYC and the Bay Areas.

Fundamentals of Copyright Licensing

EMA has published a whitepaper providing a broad overview of the licensing practices and issues involved in consummating licenses in the media and entertainment industry generally. It begins with providing context on the underlying intellectual property that creates a licensing opportunity, moves through material terms, and finishes with comments on important boilerplate items such as dispute resolution.

The whitepaper was authored by Jason Peterson, CEO of ContentBridge Systems, and a member of the EMA Digital Steering Committee.

Digital EMA Forum at LAES July 7, 2015

Digital EMA hosted its Forum at Los Angeles Entertainment Summit: LAES, on July 7th. Over 100 attendees from the digital video sector networked and heard presentations on digital supply chain initi

Digital EMA Annual Forum at CES January 6, 2015

Digital EMA hosted its Annual Forum at CES on January 6. Approximately 90 attendees from the digital video sector networked and heard presentations on digital supply chain initiatives, music licensing, industry partnerships, and the latest industry research, and more. More>>>

“Breaking Bad,” Amazon, Content Bridge, and Disney Receive Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Digital Entertainment

ENCINO, CA (October 8, 2014) … The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) today presented “Breaking Bad,” Amazon, Content Bridge, and Disney with “Digi” Awards for outstanding achievement in digital entertainment content, retailing, leadership, and innovation. The awards were presented at EMA’s Digital Media Pipeline, held today at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.


Digital EMA Annual Forum at CES

Las Vegas, NV (January 7, 2014) ... EMA held its Digital EMA Annual Forum at CES on January 7, which was attended by almost 100 representatives from retailers, distributors, content providers, and serve and technology companies. More>>>

Materials & Presentations:

Digital EMA Supply Chain Initiatives Roll-Out

New York, NY (December 5, 2013) … Thanks to all the retailers, content providers, and service and tech companies who participated in EMA's Digital Initiatives Roll-Out meeting last Thursday in New York. It was a great discussion, and we look forward to working with you to implement EMA's metadata, mezzanine file, avails, image files, and closed caption specs, standards, and best practices. 

Online Video Mezzanine File Spec Released


ENCINO, CA (June 12, 2013) … The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) today released “Best Practices & Specifications for the Delivery of Mezzanine Files for Digital Audio-Visual Distribution.” The document was developed by retailers andfor Digital Audio-Visual Distribution.” The document was developed by retailers and distributors to create efficiencies in the supply chain for online video content. More>>>


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Join Our Committees

We are looking for volunteers to participate in our digital distribution community.  We’ve established a variety of committees to support this community, and all EMA member companies are invited to be represented on each of them.

  • Digital Marketing Committee
  • Digital Suppliers Committee 
  • Digital Supply Chain Committee 
  • Video Metadata Work Group 
  • Digital Research & Analysis Committee

If, either personally or through someone else in your company, you have interest in participating in any of these above committees, click here.  

In addition, if you are interested in guiding the development of EMA’s Digital Media Pipeline please click here. 

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