2018 Schedule

April 24, 2018

1:30 - 7:00 pm

Helen Mills Theater, New York City



12:30 pm - Registration Opens

1:30 pm - Welcome 

1:35 pm - Where Are We Headed in the Ever-Changing Landscape of Digital Entertainment?

     The home entertainment industry continues to evolve at lightning speed. The growth of OTT, the expansion of subscription options, the amount of original content and the advancements in 4K and UHD present consumers with an abundance, if not an over-abundance of options. The key questions arising from all of this is where is the industry headed and how will things shake out over the next few years? Mike Vorhaus, President/Magid Advisors, will share their views on where they think things are going and how the industry will look within the foreseeable future. This session will help identify the opportunities and challenges facing all those involved in digital entertainment.

2:05 pm - Monetizing Ad-Supported VOD

     The panel will include a conversation on how content providers can better unlock and monetize catalog; how collected data can help increase targeted advertising results. How and why major brands work with premium content and how ad agencies optimize revenue through both linear and on-demand platforms.

  • John Gaibrois, Director, Platform Services/SpotX - Moderator
  • Gary Delfiner, Founder & CEO/Digital Sylvia LLC
  • Jason Peterson, CEO/GoDigital Media Group

2:45 pm - Enabling Innovation Through Adoption of Digital Supply Chain Specifications

     The digital supply chain is continuing to evolve and develop from simply making content available to becoming an enabler for innovation into new experiences, business models, and formats. Meeting these demands requires scalable, reliable, and agile content operations systems that rely on consistent inputs and produce reliable outputs. The supply chain specifications and best practices needed for these systems are largely defined. Craig Seidel of MovieLabs and Eric Hanson of EMA will present on the evolution of the digital supply chain, the case for adopting industry standards, and the opportunities enabled by fully automated content operations workflows. 

3:15 pm - EIDR Ready

     Will Kreth, Executive Director of the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR), will discuss the new "EIDR Ready" initiative to elevate awareness of companies that currently support EIDR IDs throughout the media and entertainment supply chain.

  • Will Kreth, Executive Director/Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR)

3:25 pm - Networking Break

4:00 pm - The Evolving Trends of Television Viewing

     Matt Rivet, Principal/Altman Vilandrie & Company, shares insights on how consumers are watching television. He will explore how they are accessing the content – through cable, OTT services and over-the-air. The session will also include trends on how consumers watch content - live, next day, or recorded and how binge watching is impacting behavior.

  • Matt Rivet, Principal/Altman Vilandrie & Company - Contact Matt for presentation information: mrivet@altvil.com

4:30 pm - Gift Cards in the Digital Age

     Join InComm, one of the world's largest marketers of gift cards, and the WWE, the world's largest wrestling promoter, as they discuss marketing gift cards and its role in digital distribution.

  • Steve Apple, Vice President Industry Sales/EMA - Moderator
  • Casey Collins, Executive Vice President, Consumer Products/WWE
  • Anthony DeVito, Vice President, Digital Content/InComm
  • Delaney Mohr, Director of Business Development – Emerging Technologies/InComm

4:45 pm - Trends and Directions in International OTT

     Learn about the driving forces for international OTT growth and the opportunities and challenges in supporting local customers at a global scale from Teresa Phillips, SVP, V2 Solutions. She will identify how legal requirements, local content, local talent, language dubs, subtitles, and cultural sensitivities impact the global OTT market and how the industry can leverage them for growth.

5:15 pm - What Is Blockchain, and How Can It Transform Online Video?

     For years, we’ve read and heard many opinions about the usefulness of blockchain in the financial, legal and rights management industries. The link between cryptocurrencies and blockchain are probably the baseline of many discussions. This session will serve to explain and demystify the uses of blockchain in home media from companies who have real time data showing current and potential efficiencies in managing transactions and the potential to game change digital distribution.

  • Chris Pfaff, CEO/Chris Pfaff Tech/Media LLC - Moderator: Presentation Deck
  • Rob Delf, CEO/RightsLine Software Inc  
  • Mads Holmen, Founder and CEO/Bibblio

5:50 pm - Closing Remarks

6:00 pm - Cocktail Reception sponsored by 3Play Media

7:00 pm - Program End


*As of 4/16/18 - More to be announced; subject to change

September 26, 2018

Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles

2018 Schedule TBA


2017 Schedule


8:30 - 9:15 am - NETWORKING BREAKFAST - sponsored by Duplitech

9:15 am - PROGRAM START: Welcome

9:25 am - Competing to Win - Who Will Do It Better?Content providers are launching their own streaming sites and digital technology companies are creating their own content. Premium content and premium technology are both key in attracting and keeping customers. Do content providers or technology companies have an edge over the other? How has the growth of original content changed the market? What new business models are emerging? What will it take for a company to survive in the long term? 

  • Dr. Nelson Granados, Forbes contributor and professor of digital innovation and information systems at the Graziadio School of Business, provides insight into this ever expanding market as he talks with veteran attorney and media executive, and co-founder of CinemaNow Bruce Eisen for an intriguing and compelling discussion.

10:05 am - Next Gen Creative ContentExploring next generation content from augmented reality to transactional premium bonus features. Hear from the creators and implementers of this new content that is compelling, valuable and setting a path for the future.

  • Co-moderated by 3rd i QC CTO Ramón Bretón and ANG Digital President Robert Gekchyan
  • Panelists include Eddie Offermann, Mirada Studio’s, “Bringing bigscreen IP into the user's world”, and Richard Broo, CEO at Wemersive, who will show the newest innovation in mobile VR.
  • Ramón Bretón’s AR Presentation and VR Presentation

10:35 am - Is Proliferation of Digital Video Good for Consumers?In addition to HBO, CBS and Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming channels, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, YouTube/Google and Facebook will each spend $1-7 billion on original premium video content over the next 12 months. Are proliferating digital channels good for consumers? Academic research finds that the answer is sometimes “no”, which we will discuss.

  • Laura Martin, Senior Analyst, Entertainment & Internet, Needham & Company
  • For presentation information, please contact Laura Martin directly.

10:45 am - Fully Actualized WorkflowEnabling innovation in digital video experiences through a robust and flexible digital supply chain.

10:55 am - Trends and Directions in International OTT: Presentations from operations experts on the driving forces for OTT growth and the opportunities and challenges in supporting local customers at global scale.

  • Teresa Phillips, SVP, V2 Solutions
  • For presentation information, please contact: Teresa Phillips directly.


11:50 am - LUNCH

1:15 pm - Consumer Adoption & Views about 4KThis session explores the current status of 4K TVs in US households as well as consumer interest in purchasing 4K TVs. Data will include the availability of streaming, broadcast and disc 4K content and if consumers are willing to pay a premium for it. Glenn will also look at the future of 4K technology and beyond.

1:25 pm - The Importance of 3rd Party Audits in the M&E Distribution ChainThe actual “value” of entertainment content intrinsically relies on a secure distribution system where pre-release content is handled by 3rd party vendors with utmost concern. How do you ensure that your trusted vendor partners are actually providing you services with fundamental security measures in place to protect your valuable content? And how do you verify that they are keeping pace with new policies, regulations and technology? Content creators need to know that we are all on the same security page. Hear the best practices and strategies for third party accountability and the impact of security in the evolving content distribution landscape.

  • Guy Finley, Executive Director, CDSA

1:55 pm - OTT 2024: What Will It Look Like?: As they say, the only thing that is constant is change. In the OTT business, the leading players, business models, and user devices continue to evolve. Consumer behavior is changing, too, at an even more rapid pace. No one knows for sure what this industry will look like in 2024 - but industry professionals will do their best at prognosticating.

  • Moderated by Erick Opeka, EVP Digital Networks, Cinedigm Entertainment
  • Panelists include Colin Petrie-Norris, CEO, XUMO; Mike Pears, President, RLJ US; Adam Rymer, President, Legendary Digital Networks

2:35 pm - BREAKOUT SESSIONS (to run concurrently)

The Future of the Digital Supply ChainA moderated discussion among industry experts across retailers, studios and service providers about where the supply chain is going, how it’s going to get there and what it will enable in digital video experiences. 

  • Moderated by Craig Seidel, VP, Distribution Technologies, MovieLabs
  • Panelists include Ellen Goodridge, SVP, Digital Supply Chain & Product Development, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; Bill Kotzman, Partner Product Manager - TV/Film - YouTube/Google; Steve Rosenberg, CCO, Premiere Digital.

DMP Wrap-Up: An interactive dialogue summarizing and debating the content discussed during the day’s panels and presentations led by Mitch Mallon, President & Founder, Stadium Media.

3:30 pm - NETWORKING COCKTAIL RECEPTION - sponsored by 3Play Media

4:30 pm - PROGRAM END

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