New York City

November 2, 2017

Helen Mills Theater, New York City

2017 Preliminary Schedule*



1:00 pm – WELCOME 

1:10 pm – Next Day TVNext day television represents among the highest value and most demanding operationally for VOD services. This panel of business and operations experts across retailers, studios and service providers discusses the trends, risks, challenges and opportunities for services offering next day television VOD. 

  • Beth Anderson, Head of Business Development, Sony DADC

1:50 pm – Research Presentation: The Global Transition to Digital Entertainment: Physical Sell-Through Market continues to decline across all monitored countries and digital products are starting to take over.  The presentation will give an overview about actual market structure in major countries outside the US and the development from physical to digital markets.

  • Dr. Mathias Giloth, Managing Director, Gfk Entertainment GmbH

2:00 pm – Issues in Global Distribution: A discussion among operations experts on the challenges of localization of content, including subtitles, audio dubs and ratings -- and the opportunities localization can present.

2:40 pm – SPOTLIGHT

2:50 pm – Research Presentation: The latest on SVOD and Pay-TV: The latest findings on consumer trends as the SVOD market continues to grow and how it is impacting the Pay-TV industry.

  • Bruce Leichtman, President and Principal Analyst, Leichtman Research Group


3:25 pm – Artificial Intelligence: Is it the Key to Search & Discovery?: Consumers are starting to rely on AI for a variety of tasks and information.  A panel of experts in the AI field discusses how this technology is helping consumers find and discover entertainment content.

  • Sergio Santos, Senior Video Strategy Consultant, OOYALA
  • Lysa Banks, Head of Technical Strategy and Engineering, IBM's Watson Media Portfolio

4:00 pm – EIDR

  • Will Kreth, Executive Director, Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR)

4:10 pm – Research Presentation: The State of OTT: Half of U.S. Wi-Fi households now stream over-the-top (OTT) content to their TV an average of 1 hour and 40 minutes every day.  Learn more about what’s happening in this important segment of the video marketplace, including the latest trends, viewing patterns and players to watch.

  • Mike Rich, Vice President, comScore

4:20 pm – OTT 2024: What Will It Look Like?: As they say, the only thing that is constant is change. In the OTT business, the leading players, business models, and user devices continue to evolve. Consumer behavior is changing, too, at an even more rapid pace. No one knows for sure what this industry will look like in 2024 - but industry professionals will do their best at prognosticating.

  • Erick Opeka, EVP Digital Networks, Cinedigm Entertainment

5:00 pm – Fully Actualized Workflow: Enabling innovation in digital video experiences through a robust and flexible digital supply chain.

  • Eric Hanson, Digital Media Industry Evangelist, EMA

5:15 pm – The Future of the Digital Supply Chain: A moderated discussion among industry experts across retailers, studios and service providers about where the supply chain is going, how it’s going to get there and what it will enable in digital video experiences.

  • Craig Seidel, VP, Distribution Technologies, MovieLabs

5:55 pm – DIGI AWARDS

6:00 pm – COCKTAIL RECEPTION Sponsored by 3Play Media

7:00 pm - PROGRAM END


*Schedules as of 10/4/17 - subject to change

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