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Ellen Goodridge

SVP, Digital Supply Chain & Product Development, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Ellen Goodridge is Senior Vice President, Digital Supply Chain & Product Development for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE).  Goodridge focuses on delivering a superior, immersive consumer experience with SPHE’s digital products through advancement in new features and technologies including digital Extras, 4K, VR and more.

Goodridge also oversees SPHE’s global digital supply chain for the studio’s film and television content as well as content from third-party distribution partners.  Goodridge’s leadership enables SPHE’s retailer partners worldwide to deliver world-class experiences with SPHE’s transactional digital content.

Ellen is passionate about creating product & execution capabilities that are robust, scalable and built on industry standards. Throughout her history at SPHE, Ellen has pioneered development of innovative products, processes and services driving digital distribution across all digital consumption models, including ad-supported, bundles and more.  She began her career developing web sites for major consumer-facing brands while working in New York then moved to Los Angeles in 2003.  

Ellen holds a A.B. from Duke University and resides in Culver City with her two children and husband.

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