Buying Decisions Made Easier

iDEA has a series of Buying Tools to assist retailers in making monthy title buying decisions. 

Each month a panel of expert video retailers and successful store buyers participate in a discussion of upcoming DVD releases. They offer their opinions on which titles to buy and which to skip, and suggest purchase quantities for video stores based on a variety of criteria, like box office performance, star power & overall "rentability" compared to similar past movies. 

You can now watch the Buying Guide Webcast on our new Hidden Gems YouTube Channel!

They also makes recommendations of lesser-known new releases with appealing artwork, actors and filmmaking that they believe will be strong renters... a.k.a. “Hidden Gems.” 

May 2015 "Hidden Gems"

Note: A title recommendation is not a guarantee of performance; retailers should ultimately decide product purchases                   based on their own market situation


May 2015 Hidden Gems



Applications Are Now Being Accepted for the 2015 EMA Scholarship Award

The Entertainment Merchants Association is now accepting applications for its 2015 academic scholarship. It will be awarded to a top college-bound student or graduate student within the EMA-member family, and they'll receive $4,000 a year for up to four years. More>>>


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