Ratings Education and Enforcement

The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) is proud of its 20+ year record of commitment to empowering parents to control the videos and video games to which their children have access through ratings education and enforcement programs. EMA's efforts in this area began in October 1987, when one of EMA's predecessor organizations endorsed the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system for motion pictures and encouraged its members to enforce the ratings.

EMA's current parental empowerment programs include:

Voluntary Ratings Education and Enforcement – EMA facilitates the adoption of voluntary ratings education and enforcement policies by retailers.

"Look, Play, Limit, Control" – Through its "Look, Play, Limit, Control" guidance, EMA provides parents with information how to make the right entertainment choices for their families.

Entertainment Ratings & Labeling Awareness Month (ERLAM) – Each year, June is designated as Entertainment Ratings & Labeling Awareness Month by the Coalition of Entertainment Retail Trade Associations, of which EMA is a member

Movie and Video Game Ratings Education, Enforcement, and Advertising Guidelines – These guidelines aggregate and promote the adoption of "best practices" in motion picture and video game ratings education and enforcement by retailers.


June Is Entertainment Ratings & Labeling Awareness Month

  Help parents make informed decisions about the movies and video games they rent and buy for their children by participating in Entertainment Ratings & Labeling Awareness Month.

North American Movie & Video Game Ratings Guides

Ratings for movies and video games are determined and pre-issued based on a title's content to help inform the consumer about the product they are buying or renting, as well as informing those who are making the product available to the public. 

Ratings Guidelines

As the trade association for the home entertainment industry, EMA shares with parents the concern about the impact on children of depictions of violence in entertainment. EMA recognizes that the home entertainment industry has a critical role to play in educating parents about movie and video game ratings and ensuring that children do not gain access to movies and video games their parents deem inappropriate for them. …

Ratings Compliance Officer Position Description

The Ratings Compliance Officer shall ensure adherence to policies regarding motion picture and video game ratings education, enforcement, and advertising.

Specifically, the Ratings Compliance Officer shall:

EMA Pledge to Parents Program

Recent tragic acts of violence involving young people have raised questions about the impactviolent images in today's movies and video games may be having on our nation's youth. Some concerned citizens argue that the government should enact legislation that would impose strict limitations on the kinds of movies and video games young people can watch and play.

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