EMA Pledge to Parents Program

Recent tragic acts of violence involving young people have raised questions about the impactviolent images in today's movies and video games may be having on our nation's youth. Some concerned citizens argue that the government should enact legislation that would impose strict limitations on the kinds of movies and video games young people can watch and play.

EMA believes the best control of entertainment is parental control, and there is no better place than in a home entertainment retail establishment for parents to control the content of the movies and video games to which their children have access. To assist video retailers in helping parents make informed entertainment choices for their families, EMA established the Pledge To Parents program.


The centerpiece of Pledge to Parents is a commitment by participating retailers:
        1. Not to rent or sell videos or video games designated as "restricted" to persons under 17 without parental consent, including all movies rated "R" by the Motion Picture Association of America and all video games rated "M" by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.   

  2. Not to rent or sell videos rated "NC-17" by the Motion Picture Association of America or video games rated "Adults Only" by the Entertainment Software Rating Board to persons age 17 or under.

EMA encourages all video retailers to adopt the Pledge To Parents or a similar program. In addition, we encourage retailers, where possible, to solicit from customers individualized instructions regarding what types of videos and video games can be rented or purchased by family members. Such instructions could, for example, allow a parent to limit all of his or her children, regardless of age, to videos rated "G" by MPAA, or indicate that one child is permitted to rent "PG" movies while another can rent "PG- 13." In addition, we strongly recommend that retailers check IDs when appropriate.

To facilitate the implementation of ratings education and voluntary ratings enforcement by video retailers, EMA has developed a Pledge To Parents kit. The kits consist of movie and video game ratings posters, in-store signage informing customers of the Pledge To Parents and the store's commitment to checking IDs, a customer flyer explaining the Pledge and model form for parents to use to indicate their ratings enforcement preferences. You can download the in-store signage, customer flyer and the model form by clicking on the links. Complete kits, including the ratings posters, are available for free to VSDA members.

To obtain a Pledge To Parents kit or to learn more about Pledge To Parents, email us at EMA.

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