Wednesday Webinar Series

The roster is complete and the inaugural OTT.X Wednesday Webinar Series will launch on March 18, 2020.  Our members have stepped up with a slate of valuable presentations, to be offered biweekly at 10AM Pacific on Wednesdays leading up to the July OTT.X Market and Conference.

There is no cost to join a webinar, but participants need to register for each here to get its call-in number.



The Evolving Role of QC in an OTT World – presented by Josh Erkman, EVP of Strategic Operations and Raphael Morozov, CTO/Eurofins Digital Media Services

This session will include a discussion of:

  • Why is QC different in an OTT world?
  • How are QC bottlenecks addressed with dynamic solutions?
  • What efficiencies in file deliveries and QC can be recognized as you work to get over the finish line?



What is Ad-Supported Linear OTT-TV (aka “Linear AVOD”) and How Does It Fit Into My Distribution Strategy?  – presented by George Rausch, VP Product & Distribution/Blu

Join Blu Digital Group (“BDG”) with VP of Product & Distribution, George Rausch, leading the webinar to learn more about the burgeoning ad-supported linear 24×7 OTT-TV opportunity in the market today. In this session, BDG will briefly discuss what is Linear OTT-TV, the resources needed to create a channel, and the distribution and monetization opportunities.



The Streaming Wars…Engaging the Connected Consumerpresented by Carol Hanley, Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer, WHIP Media

Recognizing the power of bringing their own content directly to consumers, media companies are creating their own distribution platforms. We know that consumers are cutting the cord at an ever-increasing rate, but what remains unclear is how they feel about the wealth of OTT choices that will soon be available. In this session, we will look at key markets and case studies to better understand:

  • Consumer sentiment and intent toward the crowded streaming market
  • Opinions on volume of choices, type of content and payment models
  • How data can help you understand what content is likely to succeed and the importance of evaluating platform fit



Rights Management in Today’s Age – presented by Jason Kassin, CEO/FilmTrack

New digital distribution models are no longer disrupting the media and entertainment industry but consuming it.  Being able to unite rights and availabilities with royalties and participations is more crucial than ever before. Businesses operating out of legacy systems should consider adopting an intelligent solution that enables organizations to automate complex financial calculations in order to evolve with the industry.

The current approach to royalty management is not adaptable or scalable enough to support the always changing media & entertainment industry. Today’s deals structures are multi-layered, payment can be broken down per price, per unit, per hour, or even per percent of an hour. Not to mention, current deals are also dynamic –– the amount isn’t known; the set of titles isn’t known ––which has changed the way money flows in and the way that you have to report out. As more content is being created and more and more digital distribution channels are introduced and becoming the primary means of distribution, businesses are being forced (whether they like it or not) to migrate to a modern solution. A solution that can manage hundreds of titles, terms, and commitments at once, increase efficiency and productivity, all while handling the complexities of recording, tracking, and calculating royalty payments.



Creating an OTT Strategy to Connect Your Content with Consumers  – presented by Scott Blomquist, Vice President, Consumer Engineering & Architecture, Sony New Media Solutions and Karan Singh, Director, Director of Product & Development, Sony New Media Solutions

For content partners looking to keep pace with rapidly evolving consumer demand, understanding the OTT landscape and your options for connecting your audience with your content are more important than ever. In this session, Sony New Media Solutions will discuss how to create distribution and monetization opportunities in OTT while building personalized streaming experiences for your consumers.


August 19, 2020 – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Will Skipped-Theatricals Be the New Norm for Independent Moviemakers – presented by Jim Riley, CRO, Bitmax

The pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have changed the world as we knew it, including the movie distribution world. In this session, Bitmax executives, including CRO Jim Riley will be exploring the increasing trend for movie producers to optimize digital avenues to reach audiences, by premiering their films via premium video on demand (PVOD), skipping theatrical debuts altogether. Join Jim and a panel of producers and industry experts as they discuss this trend and the implications on the movie distribution industry