Avails Workgroup

COMMITTEE: Avails Metadata Workgroup

CHAIR(S): Jason Peña & Bill Kotzman/Google 


  • Amazon – Erol Kalafat
  • Fandango – David Taylor
  • Google – Mark Fleming, Bill Kotzman, Jason Peña, Qynn Nguyen
  • Microsoft Movies & TV – Pedro E. Gutierrez, Jr.
  • MovieLabs – Craig Seidel
  • Netflix – Warren Curry
  • PlayStation Video – Suyin Lim, Graham Rowe

DESCRIPTION:   To help standardize the communication of avails from content providers to digital retailers, and thus eliminate inconsistency and inaccuracy in avails information, the Avails Working Group of EMA’s Digital Supply Chain Community developed Best Practices & Standards for the Delivery of Avails. This consists of approximately 40 standardized fields that provide all the information that a retailer needs to schedule an online video offering. The avails can be communicated in either Excel or XML, with the eventual goal of solely using XML.


EMA Avails Movie & TV Templates


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