Media Manifest Workgroup

COMMITTEE: Media Manifest Workgroup

CHAIR(S): Craig Seidel/MovieLabs


  • Amazon – Erol Kalafat
  • Fandango – David Taylor
  • Google – Bill Kotzman, Jason Peña
  • Microsoft Movies & TV – Pedro E. Gutierrez, Jr.
  • MovieLabs - Craig Seidel
  • Netflix – Chris Fetter, Connie Lee, Joe O'Hanlon
  • PlayStation Video – Suyin Lim, Winfield Han, Andrew Varda, Ruben Vidaurreta

DESCRIPTION:  The Media Manifest Delivery Core, jointly developed by EMA and MovieLabs with participation from EMA-member companies, is used to identify assets - such as video and audio files, trailers, subtitles, closed captions, and images - that are delivered to an online distributor for a video title. In doing so, the Media Manifest Delivery Core organizes the “packaging” of the multitude of files needed for online video and various versions required in countries around the world to enable retailers to deliver and manage the user experience.


Common Media Manifest Metadata 1.6:

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